Order USSR passport

In modern Russia can get their passport. This document is a valid identification card of a Soviet citizen.

The motivation for people who dream of changing their passport is also nostalgia for a disintegrated country. The issue of returning the passport regime of Soviet times became relevant for them. Distinctive features of an outdated identity card that still attract and arouse the desire to make a USSR passport.

If, given all these difficulties, the citizen firmly decided to restore the USSR passport, attempts to refuse him are illegal and unacceptable. There is not a single legalized act giving the right to prohibit the use of Soviet-era identity cards.

You need:

  • Photo - 50 * 60mm - 2 pcs.
  • Sv about birth
  • A document confirming your registration,
  • 300 rubles, state duty.
  • Marriage certificate if last name has changed
  • Russian passport
  • Copies of all listed documents.
  • Military ID (if applicable)

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